In 1990, three executives with extensive history in heavy equipment parts procurement and supply came together to form Howco Distributing.  Over the past 24 years, Howco Distributing has grown and evolved into a full service industry leader supplying spare and replacement parts to a wide variety of Military and Commercial customers worldwide. Our extensive experience in supply chain logistics and Government contract management has allowed Howco Distributing to become a leading partner to a wide variety of O.E.M. manufacturers with the goal of providing their spare and replacement parts to the Government creating a best value proposition for all involved.

As Howco Distributing has grown, we have continued to expand our facilities in order to accommodate our rapidly increasing volume and needs of our customers. Our employees and management team possess extensive experience in contract administration, procurement, quality inspection, packaging and logistics.

Howco Distributing has continued to strive to support our customers in the personal service which only a Small Business is able to provide. Through leveraging technologies developed both in-house as well outside suppliers, our ability to respond quickly and comprehensively to the marketplace continues to provide Howco Distributing a competitive advantage. Nearly 100% of all packaging and preservation is done in our own dedicated facility; eliminating the unpredictability of subcontracting packaging to outside providers.

As we look to the future, Howco Distributing continues to invest in our employees and tools necessary to remain on the leading edge of our industry. The commitment to our customers is steadfast and has contributed to Howco Distributing becoming a leading supplier in our industry.