Supply Chain Logistics

The term “logistics” is a catch-all word which poorly describes all that is required when doing business with the Federal Government. There are a wide array of different types of contracts which are employed in acquisition. These contracts range from one time stock purchases of a single part to a five-year indefinite quantity purchases of thousands of items. Military parts can be shipped domestically or internationally, depending upon the requisition.

Howco Distributing has extensive experience managing the entire acquisition cycle on various types of contracts. This process starts with understanding the solicitation, quoting/pricing, stocking, packaging, invoicing and follow up.

Many of our customers are Prime Contractors. They rely on Howco Distributing to provide them parts on their long-term blanket supply contracts. These customers know that Howco Distributing can be relied upon as a sub-contractor to supply the parts they require in order to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Through decades of relationships, Howco has negotiated extremely competitive shipping rates. We make it economical and easy to do business with us no matter where you are located and no matter where you want to go in the world.