Contract Management

With over two decades of experience working with agencies such as the Defense Logistics Agency, TACOM, NECO and other Department of Defense acquisition groups, Howco Distributing understands the entire contract and administration management process.  The process starts with reviewing an initial solicitation all the way through fulfillment, invoicing and records retention.

Our experience and assistance in managing this process can be of great benefit to both the manufacturer as well as our Government customers. We maintain and store all procurement records as an audit trail. By linking contract documentation, manufacturing (source information), invoicing, and shipping information through file integration, we can tell you where your product is every step of the way. Engaging Howco Distributing in every stage of contract management can significantly save valuable time, errors and costly oversight for both the Government as well as our supply partners.  Most importantly, Howco Distributing can assist your organization in gaining sales volume and market share within the Federal and Military channels.